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Apr 11.2024
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Market Access Africa

Welcome @idiong_joseph, Director General of the Association of Nigerian Exporters, as a speaker for Market Access Africa. Register to attend as a delegate:

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Feb 22.2024
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African countries must make AfCFTA establish an enduring economic integration, says Nigerian Exporters DG

The 54 African countries must make the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) work..

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May 02.2024
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Exports Of Shea In Nuts Reducing Forex Revenue For Nigeria, NEPC Boss Tells Producers

The Chief Executive Officer of Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC) Nonye Ayeni on Thursday explained why the country export Shea in its nuts form as opposed to the finished product

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May 02.2024
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AIIP, others allocate $3.5bn to revive Nigeria’s Free Trade Zone

In a move set to revolutionize Nigeria’s economic landscape, Arise Integrated Industrial Platforms (AIIP), in collaboration with its funding partners, is set to inject 3.5 billion-dollar investments into the country’s free trade zone scheme.

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About Us

Our main goal is to drive Nigeria's export growth

The Association of Nigerian Exporters (ANE) stands as a cornerstone of Nigeria's export ecosystem, dedicated to empowering exporters, driving economic growth, and promoting Nigeria's global competitiveness. Established with a vision to facilitate and elevate Nigeria's export activities, ANE has emerged as a pivotal force in advancing the nation's export sector.

About ANE

The Association of Nigerian Exporters (ANE) is a non-profit organization established for Nigerian exporters to advocate for and facilitate the growth of the nation's export sector. ANE plays a crucial role in streamlining export activities and influencing policies that benefit exporters.

ANE Mission

ANE is committed to promoting export-led economic development, fostering innovation and excellence in exports, and advocating for policies that support Nigeria's export aspirations.

ANE Vision

ANE's vision is to be the foremost catalyst for Nigeria's export growth and international trade prominence.

What we do

What we do to promote Nigerian exports

ANE serves as a dynamic and proactive platform for Nigerian exporters to thrive in the global marketplace. With its comprehensive range of services, strategic initiatives, and unwavering commitment to export excellence, ANE is poised to lead Nigeria towards greater export success and prosperity on the international stage.

ANE prioritizes capacity building initiatives aimed at equipping Nigerian exporters with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to excel in international markets. Through training programs, workshops, seminars and conferences, ANE empowers exporters with insights into export regulations, market trends, and best practices.

ANE serves as a gateway for Nigerian exporters to access global markets and expand their reach beyond domestic borders. By facilitating trade missions, exhibitions, and trade fairs, ANE connects exporters with potential buyers, investors, and partners worldwide, fostering trade linkages and market penetration.

ANE advocates for policies and reforms that promote a conducive business environment for exporters and address challenges hindering Nigeria's export growth. Through constructive engagement with government agencies, policymakers, and stakeholders, ANE champions initiatives to streamline export procedures, reduce trade barriers, and enhance export competitiveness.

ANE serves as a dynamic platform for Nigerian exporters, facilitating information dissemination, collaboration, and networking. By providing timely insights into market dynamics, trade regulations, and export incentives, ANE empowers exporters to make informed decisions. Additionally, ANE fosters collaboration among exporters, industry associations, and chambers of commerce to strengthen Nigeria's export ecosystem and amplify the voice of Nigerian exporters internationally.


Empowering Nigeria's Export Sector for Global Competitiveness!


Navigating Nigerian Export Regulations

This course would provide a comprehensive overview of the regulatory framework governing exports from Nigeria. Participants would learn about documentation requirements, export permits and licenses, customs procedures, quality standards, and compliance with trade agreements.

Members Only

Export Documentation and Compliance

This course would delve deeper into the specific documentation requirements and compliance procedures for exporting goods from Nigeria. Topics would include preparing export documentation such as commercial invoices, packing lists, certificates of origin, and ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and export control laws.

Members Only

Export Readiness Assessment

This course would guide participants through a comprehensive assessment of their business's readiness to engage in exporting. Topics would include evaluating product/service suitability for export markets, assessing financial readiness, analyzing internal capabilities, and identifying potential barriers or challenges.

Prince Joseph Idiong

Director General, ANE

Become a Member?

ANE welcomes both exporters and service providers!

Do you have a Nigerian company involved in exporting raw materials, goods, or services? Are you a service provider who supports exporters through activities like finance, warehousing, logistics, forwarding, inspection, etc? The ANE welcomes both exporters and service providers! Join us and experience the power of collaboration in achieving our shared goals for a thriving export sector.

As a member of ANE you will enjoy significant benefits:

Participation in international events, study trips, trade and fact finding missions.

Discount on participating in trainings ad events organized by ANE.

Access to relevant market information.

Creating public-private partnerships to enter new emerging markets

Enhanced mutual cooperation with affiliated industry associations.

Support through access to grants or other government assistance.

Our Programs

Harnessing Nigeria’s Non-Oil Export Potential

As Nigeria seeks to diversify its economy, reduce dependency on oil revenue, and harness its non-oil export potential, ANE plays a pivotal role in driving this transformation. By empowering exporters, facilitating market access, advocating for supportive policies, and fostering collaboration, ANE contributes to Nigeria's export-led economic development, job creation, and sustainable growth.

Export Promotion

ANE collaborates with local and international bodies, trade associations, and stakeholders to organize trade exhibitions, buyer-seller meetings, and events, showcasing Nigerian products. These programs create market awareness and facilitate market access, highlighting Nigeria's export potential.

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Export Training and Advisory

ANE provides comprehensive training sessions, workshops, seminars, conferences, and capacity-building programs tailored to the needs of Nigerian exporters. ANE also offers personalized advisory services to assist exporters in navigating challenges, resolving disputes, and accessing incentives and support schemes.

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Market Intelligence and Research

ANE provides market intelligence reports, trade statistics, and research insights to help exporters identify export opportunities, assess market demand, and develop export strategies. By leveraging data and analysis, ANE empowers exporters to make informed decisions and target high-potential markets.

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Export Facilitation and Advocacy

ANE actively engages with government agencies, regulatory bodies, and policymakers to advocate for policies that support Nigeria's export growth agenda. ANE input, feedback, and recommendations on trade policies, regulations and incentives, contribute to shaping export development. ANE also engages with relevant stakeholders to remove trade barriers on behalf of members.

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Empowering Nigeria's Export Sector for Global Competitiveness!