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Giving exporters a voice and expanding Nigeria's global trade footprint

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What we do to promote Nigerian exports

ANE serves as a dynamic and proactive platform for Nigerian exporters to thrive in the global marketplace. With its comprehensive range of services, strategic initiatives, and unwavering commitment to export excellence, ANE is poised to lead Nigeria towards greater export success and prosperity on the international stage.

ANE prioritizes capacity building initiatives aimed at equipping Nigerian exporters with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to excel in international markets. Through training programs, workshops, seminars and conferences, ANE empowers exporters with insights into export regulations, market trends, and best practices.

ANE serves as a gateway for Nigerian exporters to access global markets and expand their reach beyond domestic borders. By facilitating trade missions, exhibitions, and trade fairs, ANE connects exporters with potential buyers, investors, and partners worldwide, fostering trade linkages and market penetration.

ANE advocates for policies and reforms that promote a conducive business environment for exporters and address challenges hindering Nigeria's export growth. Through constructive engagement with government agencies, policymakers, and stakeholders, ANE champions initiatives to streamline export procedures, reduce trade barriers, and enhance export competitiveness.

ANE serves as a dynamic platform for Nigerian exporters, facilitating information dissemination, collaboration, and networking. By providing timely insights into market dynamics, trade regulations, and export incentives, ANE empowers exporters to make informed decisions. Additionally, ANE fosters collaboration among exporters, industry associations, and chambers of commerce to strengthen Nigeria's export ecosystem and amplify the voice of Nigerian exporters internationally.